what we are all about

Crafted in our Brooklyn Home Studio

We make everything in our home studio in Brooklyn, east side of Prospect Park, surrounded by shelves of fabrics and trims on the one side and Emma's workstation on the other. Elly helps out by stashing her toys all around Emma's feet and looking up at her expectantly.


Sourced Local & Worldwide

We mainly source our fabrics & trims from NYC's Garment District. However to create truly special items, we also scavenge hunt online, shop abroad (we love fabric shopping in Korea!) And, hey, sometimes we just make the trims ourselves from scratch.

Our favorites include:
Designer fabrics from Mood Fabrics, the softest cotton jersey from Korea, printed double gauze from Japan, delicate leaver lace made in Burano, Venice and the Netherlands.

How it gets made

  1. Pick the Palette.
    We start by selecting a color palette and theme for the new fashion season.

  2. Find the Fabric.
    Withe the general aesthetic in mind, we search the entire globe for the material. 

  3. Details, details.
    Once the main fabric is sourced, we experiment obsessively until we refine the design details for the best (and cutest!) result.

  4. Iterate, Iterate, Repeat.
    We make samples to test out production details, and repeat until the design is perfect. This step is to insure every stitching is even and secure, the end product is in its finest quality. And of course to have our pups sit, walk, sleep comfortably wearing our clothes.

  5. First of thy Name 
    Finally, the hard part: we come up with a name for the piece. It's tough because they're usually too cute for words.