Elly's Daily Grooming Products (Part 1)

I LOVE collecting and trying out new grooming products for Elly. As you know, she's a Maltese with a top knot. You might as well read the previous sentence as "I have a high maintenance dog." 
I get asked how Elly stays so white very often, but I always tell people Elly does have tear stains. You just don't see it from her pictures. That's because I do clean and style her face hair to appear that way. Here are just some, not all of the products we use. I hope this helps!

Hair Mists for smooth and silky hair

1.  N'62 Conditioning Spray by Isle Of Dog
2. N'63 Detangle Spray by Isle Of Dog
3. Water in Isle of Dog spray bottle
4. Moisture Unleashed Daily Coat Conditioner by Show Grooming Products

I've been using N'63 Detangle Spray (#1) forever, but Isle of Dog recently sent us N'62 for us to try out. Isle of Dog products have rather strong floral scent to all the products which lingers for sometime after the application.

N'63 Detangle spray can do wonders when it comes to tough matted hair. I spray plenty until the tangled hair is soaking wet, massage it into the hair, then separate the mat by hand very gently. Separating tangled hair is impossible for me without this product. I spray N'63 on Elly's tail as a preventative, because she sits on her tail and the hair gets matted a lot. 

N'62 Moisturizing spray (#2) is light yet very moisturizing. The hair is almost never sticky even if we use this a lot on Elly's hair. However, I think they renewed the scent a little bit compared to my old N'62 spray. It has slight cucumber scent which I do not love. 

It's always nice to have a spray bottle with water (#3) handy. Moisturizing mists are nice, but you don't want to overuse them because excessive product build up can hurt the hair. I try to use one kind of moisturizing spray once a day, and spray water if needed in between daily grooming.

Unleashed Daily Coat Conditioner (#4) is our absolute favorite. It has sweet fruity scent we just love. The texture feels a bit heavier than Isle of Dog sprays. It can make the hair a little sticky if I use this too much. However, you can instantly feel the hair is moisturized after using the spray. Also the fruity scent fades away faster than Isle of Dog sprays, but the scent makes me so happy and Elly gets complimented a lot about how she smells when she uses this!


Dogs need powder too

5. Doggone White Tear Stain Cosmetic Powder Mist by Show Grooming Products
6. Tear Stain Remover Powder by Eye Envy
7. Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder by Show Grooming Products

Doggone Powder Mist (#5) and Eye Envy Powder (#6) are different types of drying powder. The idea behind these powder products is that they will help absorb the tears and give them less chance to stay & stain the face. 

Elly has one structurally clogged tear duct, which couldn't be flushed at her vet. She tears up a LOT when she's excited or when she's eating. For Elly neither of these powders soaked up new tears coming out of her eye. But if I soak up tears with napkin first then finish drying the face with either one of these, they both do a great job. The face looks washed and blow-dried. 

Here are the pros and cons of Eye Envy and Show drying powders:

  • Eye Envy: Easy to get if you have Amazon Prime. Cheaper than Show powder (price per ounce). Coarser powder. Scent-free. No description about the ingredients found on Amazon page.

  • Show Grooming Powder: Comes in an impressive bottle that sprays powder. Easy to use — especially when you're outside. Very fine texture. Lavender scent. Boric acid free.

Doggone White Cosmetic Whitening Powder (#7) is a new type of product we're trying. It doesn't seem to actually remove the existing stain, but it does a wonderful job covering the stain up. I think it's like hair chalk for show dogs but in powder form. Use this on completely dry hair. As long as the hair doesn't get wet again, the powder will cover up the stain nicely for a few hours.

styling products For special occasions

8. Super Hold by Christ Christensen
9. PICTURE PERFECT Styling +Conditioning Paste by Show Grooming Products
10. Shazam Super Whitening Gel by #1 All Systems

These are products that hold the hair in place, but with different strengths & textures.

We rarely use Super Hold (#8). Like on the day of an outdoor photo shoot for a Studio Eloise update, or attending a dog gala (it's a thing in NYC and we used to go to these a lot, haha). It really does a great job, much like hair spray for humans (although the scent is less overwhelming than those made for humans). You do have to wash it out completely before you go to sleep. I feel like it dries out the hair a lot if I don't wash it out well.

Picture Perfect paste (#9) is our go-to styling product. Among all the styling products for dogs I've tried, this one is least damaging to the hair if not at all. It actually has a conditioning component in the mix. Not that I would use this as leave-in conditioner, but I love the fact it's somewhat protecting what I call high-traffic area (because Elly's face hair needs grooming the most). 

Use this in moderation: a little amount can do an amazing job holding the hair in place. If you use too much the hair will be sticky, prone to attracting dust. Make sure you close the lid tight after you use the product, since it can dry out easily and lose its gooey texture if you leave it open. I usually put some in a little container and carry it around. 

Shazam whitening gel (#10) is another option. I personally didn't see a whitening effect from the product, but I found this product doing a good for holding hair in place. I used this on under-eye stained areas hoping for it to remove the stain & prevent hair from poking Elly's eyes. It did rather a great job with the latter. It has a very light texture, and it's not sticky at all - which I loved. Elly didn't have problems with this product at all, but her friend with sensitive skin got his skin irritated. So be ware of the face before you try it. 


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