It's Finally "tee weather"!

We prepared 5 tees and 3 bandanas for this update. At first glance they look pretty basic, but if you look closely you'll find details that make each and every item special :)

Let's take a look. 
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Fun graphics on new solid color tees

It's our first time making tees with solid fabric. Solid color tees can be very versatile and easy to match with other items. To keep things interesting, we added graphics on the back with gold / silver foil. 

Raw Fluff tee
There is a reason why the tee is named this way. It was made with pretty special fabric. The fabric is made with unprocessed, raw cotton. The brown speckles you see on the tee are actual cotton seed and stem woven into the fabric. Yet the fabric is very soft and incredibly stretchy. We fell in love with this fabric immediately, but it's been sitting in our studio for months. When we came up with idea to make solid tees more fun with graphics, it was the first design to be made among others from this update.

Eat Play Sleep tee & Fall Floral Bandana

Fall Floral Bandana is made with one of the Rifle Paper Co. / Cotton & Steel collaboration prints. We actually got this before the summer, but decided to save it for Fall as the color palette seemed more autumnal. Then we searched for a solid fabric that would match the floral print. Thus Eat Play Sleep tee was born.
You might have guessed it already, but the slogan is inspired by none other than our pupboss, Elly. But I'm sure all of you pups out there can relate to this :)

What's behind these names?

The Alice has the same origin for its name as the Olivia wool tee, black and white polka dot sweater we sold out of last winter. 
To give you a hint, we sourced both fabrics from Mood fabrics in NYC, who carries fabric remnants from various high end fashion brands. And yes, you guessed right. They're both fabric designed & used by the fashion brand Alice + Olivia. We thought it would be a fun name for this tee. It also has a nice mint blue hue which reminds us of Alice from Disney animation :)

The Scooby is named after one of our best supporters @LeScoobAlert (Surprise!) Not to mention that he was our first Australian customer, they went on national news and passionately talked about Studio Eloise! Scooby recently got a baby sister named Willow, and we wanted to congratulate him in our own special way.
The Scooby tee itself is made with very sturdy yet soft double-sided jersey. If you're looking for striped tee that can go with anything, you probably want this as your closet staple! 

Must-have Mustard Bandana

We always wanted to have something mustard in our shop. Apparently we've been saying that for about a year according to @EddythePup !
It's just a perfect warm fall color goes well with many many things, and it'll also be a vibrant accent to your minimalist fashion or decor.

Sprinkles Hoodie

This was actually a hard one to design. Originally, we planned to match this rainbow-sprinkled fabric with brown, solid one to make the hoodie itself look like a cupcake. We sat on that idea about half a year and finally decided to go simple. But with pom poms like berries on top of a piece of cake! Our pups can be a sponge cake, especially if they have cream or brown hair ;)

Anais Bandana

This bandana has a slight French feel, we think. The solid side looks like yarn dyed, extremely expensive french linen (this one's American made, but still very nice!) The other side features red and blue square dots on a crisp white background. We've only been to Italy in Europe but I bet Elly would wear this when we finally make the trip to France someday!